New: Critical Arts-based Sustainability Education (CASE)

Educational model by Fellinger, 2020

With this method, students are the researchers who develop new knowledge through art and play, make new connections and thus arrive at surprising and concrete results regarding sustainability.

Art cannot solve the climate problem, but art can motivate people to take action. This project combines arts-based research (ABR), education on sustainability and insights from critical pedagogy into an innovative didactic concept: CASE (Critical Arts-based Sustainability Education).

The efforts of students as researchers are rooted in critical pedagogy. Research is done with arts-based research (ABR) methodologies. When you literally experience a problem by examining yourself, you have a different (direct) perception, and you experience a greater urgency to solve it. The aim is to make students aware of their own position and that of others – including that of non-humans (flora, fauna, rivers, ecosystems) – around sustainability.

CASE stimulates critical thinking and acting around the themes studied by students (e.g. climate, plastic, biodiversity, etc.) in which art and the practice of art are instrumental. Learners are part of the problem and part of the solution with this method.

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