Online event: Art as a research tool for sustainable change

January 27 , 1 PM – 2PM

This workshop offers an alternative approach to stimulate students to take targeted action in the field of sustainability. Engelbert Fellinger takes you as a HKU teacher and master student HKU Art Education in an approach and a number of working methods, using art-based research.

Climate change, microplastics, overpopulation, air pollution, water pollution, greed, overconsumption, pandemics, animal and plant extinction. Humans are making a mess of this planet. Traditional education on sustainability outlines the phenomena and causes of environmental problems, but rarely encourages students to take targeted action in combination with their own research and the study and search for associated theory.

This session is for teachers (and students of teacher training courses) who want to make a positive contribution to sustainability by tracing underlying causes together with students and changing experienced situations with targeted actions. We will work with a number of teaching methods and will take a look at testing and assessing the arts-based research of students.

No specific preparation is required from participants. For teachers and students who want to get started with sustainability.

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