What can arts based research do?

Visual arts, theatre, music, story and play are powerful tools to question, investigate and change the world around us. These give a separate space in which (for a moment) everything is possible with the power of imagination, which has its own rules and which is outside of the observed reality.

Creative disciplines can help to explore the world around you and ultimately change it with each other.

Tell, play, create, share: ABR helps to unlock stories, perspectives and meaning as a researcher.

ABR can be employed as a means to create critical awareness or raise consciousness. ABR can expose people to new ideas, stories, or images and can do so in the service of cultivating social consciousness. This is important in social justice–oriented research that seeks to reveal power relations (often invisible to those in privileged groups), to raise critical race or gender consciousness, to build coalitions across groups, and to challenge dominant ideologies. ABR is also uniquely capable of cultivating empathy.